Sunday, April 25, 2010

Laura's Llamas

Llamas are awesome...especially when you visit them with Grandma Laura.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two Years Ago

It's been two years since this perfect day. While part of me thinks, "Wow, 2 full years - such a long time", there is another part of me that thinks 2 years doesn't sound like enough. Like two years (or even the 4 1/2 that we've known each other) couldn't possibly be the amount of time we've been in each other's lives. Because it feels like Chris has always been a part of me, and I him.

We ate sushi every 12th of the month for our first year of marriage to celebrate our "monthaversary". To follow tradition, we devoured the amazing sushi that our favorite place, Karma, has to offer. In a couple of weeks we're going to treat ourselves to a weekend getaway; stay tuned!

Theater Times Two

Our family has been quite theatrical lately. Chris' dad was the "stiff" in Lucky Stiff at the Cannon Theatre ( He did a fantastic job, and we were so proud of our dad, the dead guy.

It was very "weekend at bernie's", with John being wheeled around the stage wearing sunglasses to hide his creepy "dead" eyes. It was a great laugh and we all enjoyed it.

The same day we saw his performance, we headed into Boston to watch Lisa skate with her theater on ice group, Imagica.

They did a cute little Under the Sea number and Lisa got to be a beautiful blonde mermaid!! Yay for theater!!

A Boy Named Chen

Sometime in the near future, Chris and I will need to own a more economical vehicle. Since we loved our red Jetta and our Elantra hatchback (two of the cars we owned in Rexburg) we were excited to go check out a red Elantra a couple of weeks ago. I pulled out our GPS to figure out where we were going when Chris tells me, "I think he said 'Christian St' but I'm not really sure because he had a really thick Asian accent." Well, Christian St. did not exist in Worcester. So Chris calls Chen to ask for his address once again. Kristin Street. Nope, I tell him, there's no such thing. So he asks for the spelling and I hear Chris repeating the letters back to him. C-R-I-S-T-O-N. Criston Street. Sounds weird, but okay. What does the GPS say? Negative; no Criston Street. Finally, we get Chen to give us directions. As we turn onto his street we glance up at the small green sign. Ah, yes. Clifton Street. It all made sense.

Well, the car smelled like smoke, so although Chen was very kind we had to decline. But to make our trip worth it, I took a picture next to Freud at Clark University. After attending this school for two years I was always sad that I never took a picture with the statue of which the Psychology students were so proud. Since we were close by, we took some time to walk the campus and reminisce about the place I lived when we first met. So there you have it, a Freud picture and a good story. Sounds like a great Saturday morning.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lillie Love

So now that Dexter is gone, Chris and I have nowhere to direct our love and affection except toward each other (boooooring). Lately we have found ourselves wandering onto adoption sites for dogs. Huskies. Malamutes. Wolf mixes. Images of a big, beautiful dogs fill our daydreams. Since buying a dog isn't in our immediate future, naturally we enjoy directing our attention to Lillie, my parents' 3 year old yellow lab. She's a lap dog, or so she thinks.

This is how we watched General Conference last weekend. Okay, so not the whole time, because 80 pounds is a lot to have on your chest. Everybody loves Lillie.