Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Now that summer is back from it's four week hiatus, we can finally enjoy the outdoors. This Sunday we took a bike ride along the carriage trails.

Afterwards, we took our new (new to us, anyway) 4-Runner up Cadillac Mt. to overlook Bar Harbor.
And before the sun could go down completely, we hiked into Anemone Cave, a cave that is no longer advertised to the public (you have to be locals, like us).

There are some really cool tidal pools inside the cave. We found a starfish and an eel hanging out together.
I just love the colors of all the sea creatures stuck to the cave floor!

The next day, we hiked Beehive Trail. A very steep slope up, there are iron rails to hold onto so you won't fall. Here's Chris, talking business on the phone (Cam -- you made it to our blog, that's you on the other line!)

Here we are at top overlooking Sand Beach.

After the hike, we went on a Whale Watch on a ship called the Friendship V. We were all bundled up; it was so windy!!

Here's a Humpback Whale that flashed his tail at us a few times. We had a front row view, standing at the very tip of the bow. It was so much fun!