Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat 2010

For those of you who believe babies have to be born in order to enjoy Halloween:

We went to the Trunk or Treat tonight. I went as myself, bringing the baby along of course. And Chris went as himself as well - only, deader.

He was totally creative with decorating our trunk this year.

He built this coffin an hour before the party and hung Aunt Em's awesomely haunted chandelier from the rear door. The picture doesn't do it justice; with only a small flashing light and the candles burning (yes, real candles) in the chandelier this was very dark and scary. Go Chris, for making little kids scream tonight :)

Baby Valentine

The baby was curled up so tight last week at our ultrasound that it was really difficult to get a good picture. Look at that cute little pointy nose!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthdays Are Soooooo Nice

What's one of the coolest animals you could spend your day with on your 25th birthday??

A penguin.

We spent the afternoon at the New England Aquarium in Boston.

I LOVE fish tanks. The beautiful colors, the strange looking creatures, the magical mysterious underwater world (I used to wish I was a mermaid).

My favorite was the turtle. He had an extremely huggable neck and arm area.

We found out at the end of the day that the penguins who were in a "relationship" with one another had matching arm bands. The penguins on this rock were all couples. They were perfectly content to stand still next to one another all day long. These penguins, and my pleasant day with Chris, made me think of a quote from the movie Big Fish:

"A man might travel his entire life and never find a place so inviting.
My journey had scarcely begun and I had arrived.
I can't imagine any place better than here."

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Bump

When I first learned that I was pregnant, 18 weeks ago, I was ecstatic. Yes, I couldn't wait to become a mother. But there was another much more selfish reason: pregnant women are beautiful. I COULDN'T WAIT to begin growing that bump that lets the world know you're carrying a baby; the bump that says, "I'm tired, but strong. I'm scared, but ready. I'm irritable, but happy. I'm 25 pounds heavier than I was several months ago, and I've never looked more beautiful."
Okay, so my bump is far from looking like the bump I long for. But still, I think it's finally worthy of a picture on the blog.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nisula Girl

I have a dear, sweet, bright niece who is turning 6 this month. As most of you who read this are my family members, I'm sure you would agree. I was watching her and her siblings last night when I was told by my nephew that he found a mouse in Bella's bed in the garage. Well, this niece started wiggling her body, shaking her hands, and jumping up and down. With a scrunched up face she said, "Eew, eew, eew, I HATE INSECTS!"

All I have to say is, you don't have to carry the last name to be a Nisula girl at heart. :)