Monday, January 21, 2013


Every time we got a light dusting Audrey would beg to go play in the snow outside.  Finally, we got some significant snow and we took her out to play.

Luckily for her, Daddy likes to play in the snow too.

She loved every minute of it and had no desire to go back inside.

We recently went to visit Bup (my Dad) at the fire station.  Audrey was a little nervous at first, but warmed up quickly to the big trucks with their flashing lights.

I'm only a couple weeks away from my due date!  


The month of December brought us a bigger belly...

 A new baby cousin...

Audrey adores Juliette.

Some more potty experimentation...

 And of course, it brought us Christmas.

Audrey wasn't thrilled with Santa, but she was willing to put up with a picture for the candy cane.  She has a sweet tooth...that's my girl.

 We had another Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year.  We walked through some undeveloped land near our house and found a perfect white pine tree.  Okay, actually we found three perfect white pine trees.  Yes, you're looking at three trees smashed together so that it would look like one full tree.  If you know Chris, you know he can't do anything conventionally.

We had Christmas morning at our house, both grandparent's houses, and my great-aunt's house.  Audrey knew exactly what to do with the presents and would say, "Thank you, Santa!" after opening something good.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


You know your life is exciting when the thing you're most looking forward to for the Thanksgiving holiday is your husband cutting his facial hair.  Chris grew himself a sweet beard during the month of November.

And decided to play around with certain looks on Thanksgiving morning.

This was by far my favorite..look at that sexy beast.

But for real, we had a great couple of days with Chris' brother and his wife, Deg and Jessica.  We were sad they couldn't stay longer but we'll take what we can get!

And of course, we stuffed our faces and enjoyed the great meal.  Except for Audrey, who doesn't eat food nowadays.

However, she did agree to eat some turkey as long as she was holding the leg. Crazy kid.