Monday, January 30, 2012

We're In Hawaii!!

On Saturday morning we got on a plane and flew six hours to California. Then we got on another plane and flew six more to Maui. It was a loooooong trip, but we can't complain because Audrey was an angel. Oh yeah, and because we flew to Maui!

The next morning (Hawaii is 5 hours behind us, so getting up at 7 was like getting up at 12 - awesome) we went to church. Very rarely are we the minorities at church - it was fun.

We are staying with some longtime family friends, Scott and Tauna Neerings. That night they took us to walk around a resort and watch the sun set on the beach. It was beautiful.

Audrey was very confused about the sand and water. And it probably didn't help that we were hanging out at midnight her time.
We watched as several whales played out in the distance from us. Yay, we're in Hawaii!

Monday morning we took a hike to Twin Falls.

We played around in the cool pool that the falls fell into.

Chris got a little adventurous. And so did Audrey...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Day in the Life of Audrey

Audrey is getting so big. It's so fun to see her personality really coming out. Lately she loves to pick things out of the recycling bin and carry them all around the house.

It was so beautiful out a few weeks ago we took a little trip out in our canoe.

She LOVES it up in the loft.

This is how I found her the other day.

She was pretty excited to get a closer look into the pantry -she knows that's where we keep all the good stuff.