Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beach Day

Audrey and I went to the beach with my sister, her kids, and my mom.

Audrey was in heaven collecting rocks the entire time (she's a little obsessed lately - especially with white ones).  And then when she saw that her two oldest cousins dug a big hole she refused to get out of it. Aside from almost losing a bag of cheese curls to a daring seagull, our beach day was a success.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Last Nisula Wedding

 As I mentioned in a previous post, my brother, Damen, got married in May.  He's the last of my siblings to get themselves hitched, and we love love love his new wife, Amanda.  The night before the big day we attended the rehearsal dinner.

It was yummy food and great company.

The next day we got all dressed up and enjoyed ourselves some more.  The wedding was fantasticly beautiful - Amanda did an amazing job.

 My sister's and I - quite possibly the last time we'll be bridesmaids.

 Next to the bride, Audrey was the prettiest one there!

The entire wedding party. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bringing in Summer

We've had some BIG things happen around here.  First, my brother's baby was born.  Bennett is ADORABLE.  When Audrey sees him she says, "baby, baby" - she also calls him "bettett" - and tries to touch his face (which is probably pretty scary for my sister in law, knowing Audrey is prone to grab cheeks really fast).

A week later, my younger brother got married. It was a blast (more pics to come on that soon, I have to find my pictures).

We were so happy that there was a baby and a wedding, because it brought our beloved Auntie Malley (or "manny" according to audrey) and Uncle Chris home for a few weeks. She chose not to say Chris' name, he's tall and scary. 

After their visit, one of my very best friends, Diana, came home for a summer visit.  We got to spend a day at her parent's lake with Danielle and Sara.  Audrey and Xavier loved the water!

Chris and I eat popcorn like it has it's own spot on the Food Pyramid.  Audrey is pretty obsessed with it too, so Chris taught her how to make it in our Whirley Pop.

 Audrey still loves to get into the pantry and dump out whatever she can find - like cocoa powder. mmmmm

And she loves to talk about poop and pee and practice sitting on her potty.  Unfortunately, she can't tell the difference between really needing to go and just passing some gas...we'll get there.