Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

These days are gone...

Audrey was a little fish this summer.  She was totally fine just floating along with her water-wings.  But summer is over, and last weekend we welcomed fall with a trip to Phil's Apples.

Audrey loves being with her cousins!

And there's no better way to eat an apple than straight off the tree (or sometimes straight off the ground).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rhode Island

Last week we took a little trip to Rhode Island. We spent the first day in Newport visiting a couple Mansions.
We checked out Rosecliffe first.

It was beautiful, but all Audrey wanted to do was take her shoes off to play in the fountain.

Next up was the Breakers Mansion. I felt like royalty in there (unfofrtunately, we couldn't take pictures inside).

This was the children's playhouse. Yup, I'm pretty sure it's the size of our house.

Audrey and Chris found a friendly bunny outside.

When our visit to the mansions was over, we took a stroll along the cliffwalk while the sun was setting before heading to our hotel.

Audrey wasn't sure what this was at first, but was excited to find out it's a phone. She kept saying, "hello, hello?".

The next day we went to Roger Williams Park & Zoo.

Audrey loved seeing all the animals, especially this elephant because we saw him eating. Now, when we ask her about the zoo, she just says, "eating, eating".