Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Love for the Heirloom Tomato

If you were to watch me during the day, every once in a while you would see me stop suddenly and hold my body very still. A smile would glide across my face. I would wait: feeling, searching, wondering. And the moment would pass as I return to my task. You would be witnessing my reaction to feeling the tiny being inside of me knocking at the inner parts of my tummy. Each time I feel it I'm amazed that there is a baby in there. It does not happen too frequently yet, so whenever it does I am left yearning for more. This morning as the baby let me know three times in a row that he/she was awake I felt the elation that comes with its tapping. And I realized I am falling in love.

I am 19 weeks pregnant; one more week and I will be halfway to meeting my first child. Right now the baby is the size of an heirloom tomato - six inches long, 8.5 ounces. Oh, how I cannot wait to hold my little tomato!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I'm officially four months pregnant!! I still don't look too pregnant yet (sometimes with certain outfits) so I'm not going to put a picture up of my belly. We already had our first ultrasound several weeks ago, and we'll probably get another in a few weeks from now. We've decided not to find out the gender of our little one; I LOVE surprises and can't think of a better surprise to wait for. A few days ago I felt the baby move for the first time which was really cool, but really fleeting. I have no complaints - I feel good most of the time and am completely obsessed with talking and reading about the baby growing inside me.

So Long, Motorcycle

Many moons ago, when we left Idaho, we sold two motorcycles and told ourselves that it would be awhile before we ever owned another. Well, a couple months later Chris bought a bike. But this time it would be a special project of his. He spent hours on this bike and enjoyed his time changing the look of it. But when the project was over, so was the desire to own it. So yet again, we are bike-less people. But something tells me that this time it really will be awhile before we get another. Goodbye, motorcycle.