Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wuv, Twu Wuv

That's right, Malley and Chris were married on Jan. 22nd in the Boston Temple. Aren't they just lovely??

Here's the whole clan, the Nisulas and the Blacks.

Once again, Chippie did an amazing job with the cake.

Gotta love cousin-friends!

The centerpieces were fantastic - we have Geena to thank for those. Anybody need a wedding planner?

It was a beautiful night and we had a ton of fun dancing, eating good food, and mingling. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Black!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Birthday!

We celebrated Grandma Laura's 93rd birthday last night. Wow, 93!! Chris' grandmother has Alzheimer's, which is very sad, but also brings fun times every now and then. We sang happy birthday before eating cake. A few minutes later, Grandma started singing happy birthday to herself so we all joined in and sang again. Then, when she was asked if she'd like to go home she said, "But you have to sing to me!" So we happily sang for the third time. What a wonderful woman. :)

p.s. - my little sister got married on Friday!! A post is soon to come...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wicked Good!

I was able to cash in on my Christmas present last week. Wicked the Musical was all I've been dreaming it to be. I have loved the music in the show ever since a friend introduced it to me my senior year of high school. For 6 years I've been aching to see it, and I was certainly not disappointed.

The picture doesn't do it justice, but the theater was absolutely amazing.

Chris wanted to buy me a t-shirt, but I refused to pay $39 for a piece of cotton. At the end of the show, he stood to applaud and his wallet fell onto the floor. What does he find under his seat when he stoops to pick up the wallet? Two twenty dollar bills. So he convinced me to buy the shirt. I see it as a gift from Elphaba. :)

A Bridal Shower

On January 2nd we threw Malley a Bridal Shower. Even though it ended up being in the middle of a snow shower, we still had a good turnout.

Here we are, the Nisula girls, old and new.

We all pitched in to make some delicious treats. To go along with the snow falling outside, I made this cute little snowman cheeseball. Geena made awesome coconut shrimp (seen in the picture) and brought a huge chocolate fountain; Lana made herself the official chocolate fountain dipper, bringing people chocolate covered somethings whether they asked for it or not.

We played some fun games, all with the objective of making Malley feel a little silly - that's what happens when you're the bride-to-be. When the shower was over and most of the guests were gone, Chris came to pick me up. All of a sudden he starts taking his sweatshirt and t-shirt off and throwing it at Malley. He was giving her a strip-tease!! Haha, my dear husband.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Day

Chris and I had a fantastic 2nd Christmas together. For Christmas Eve, we had a Nisula/Valentine bash that was full of tasty food and lots of laughs.

It was so great to have Malley home for the holidays!
Chrismas day, we had breakfast with Chris' parents and Dan and Lisa. Then, it was time to open the gifts.

It was Dexter's turn first - Santa brought him an alfalfa-stuffed log. Mmmm, delish.

It was a great morning!

Afterwards, we celebrated with the Nisula side. We had so much fun giving out presents this year. I made stockings for Dan and Lisa and Malley and Chris Black. I am so proud of them! Of course, I couldn't have done it without learning how from Alicia Thornburg last year - thanks Alicia!

Aren't they super cute?!?

All of the presents we received were so great, but the best came from my hubby - WICKED TICKETS!!!!!!!!

For New Year's Eve, we had a traditional cousins sleepover - just like old times. We ate pizza, played games, and drank sparkling cider at midnight. It was the greatest New Year's Eve since, well, the last cousin sleepover.
Earlier in the evening we took Xavier to the fire station to see my dad because he was asking where "Uncle Dave" was. So now my dad is so cool in the two year old's eyes, because who else will let him drive a fire engine?

It was a wonderful way to end 2009. And we're ready to see what 2010 will bring us.