Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's Great to Be 28!

We celebrated my birthday with a trip to the zoo.  It was so much fun!

The deer forest was one of my favorites.

And monkeys are always a hit. This little guy was staring at us with such soulful eyes I was sure he was about to start up a conversation.

Audrey's favorite was the "petting zoo".  Here we were, surrounded by amazing animals like a Bengal tiger, rhinos, giraffes, and lion cubs.  And all she could talk about was the goats.  Nice.

While we were there, Chris fell in love with this guy.  Seriously, I thought he was going to start begging to take him home.

Behind Bailey in this next picture is a one year old lion cub.  While taking the picture, her brother noticed Audrey and bounded toward her with hungry eyes.  Kind of freaky, but a great reminder of where we lie on the food chain.  

Chris and I finished the day with a huge plate of sushi at our favorite spot.  It was a great way to say goodbye to 27.  I'm excited for another year of life - it's going to be a good one!

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  1. Happy happy Birthday! I guess your going to have to get Chris a goat for his ( : My girls are still carrying around the b-day bags you gave them. The other morning Fae stuck her face right next to mine on the pillow and said "I love my purse....and I love Ila." I just want you to know that the purse ranks above her sister!