Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

I don't have any pictures of the delicious Thanksgiving dinner we ate at my parents' house.  Nor did I take any of the fun time we had visiting with Chris' extended family in Maine the weekend after.  (I need to get better at taking my camera out of my bag).  It was not hard to remember it after dinner, when we went to visit my dad who was at the station working.  Visiting Bup at the fire station is always a fun affair.

 But this time it was different.  Instead of just sitting in the fire truck, he took us on a ride!  We were all like kids on a field trip.  It was wicked cool!

Chris was all geared up to go.

That was actually the first time all the grandkids were there at the same time.  It was a memorable day! That weekend we also said goodbye to our sweet Bennett.  My brother and his wife officially moved to Michigan.  We're going to miss having them so close!

On a side note, this girl has become quite daring.  I was standing in the living room and turned around to find her like this:

She now thinks climbing on things is pretty awesome.  And she took her first steps one week ago.  She's trying to keep up with her crazy older sister!

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  1. I love those girls and can't wait to see them. Love the pic of Audrey in the fireman's suit - she's a doll!